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Book Review:
School of the Godless


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Czech Roma
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Mel Huang:
Shocking Tallinn Mayor

Jan Čulík:
New Czech TV Director

Sam Vaknin:
This Author is a Racist

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The Role of


Vol 2, No 4, 31 January 2000

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Stipe MesićC R O A T I A:
Coffee with the President
Saša Cvijetić
Croatia is both a political scientist's paradise and nightmare: a paradise, thanks to the remarkable political phenomena taking place; a nightmare, due to the impossibility of predicting their outcome. The victory of Stipe Mesić in the first round of presidential elections illustrates the paradox.

Ivo Lukačovič I N T E R V I E W:
Click Icon
Andrew Stroehlein
In just a few short years, 25-year-old Ivo Lukačovič has created an impressive Internet empire and is now one of the richest people in the Czech Republic. He is also bursting with ideas about political power and the future shape of Czech society. But like so many Czechs of his generation, he shies away from political life.

Jan ČulíkC Z E C H   R E P U B L I C:
If you prick us, do we not bleed?
Jan Čulík
The plight of Czech Roma attempting to find asylum in the UK is well known to British audiences. However, Britain's Channel Four screened a documentary on Saturday night investigating the conditions they left behind.

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C o n f e r e n c e    T a l k

World Bank Conference

World Bank: Global Conference on Capital Markets Development at the Subnational Level
New York, New York: 15-18 February 2000
Further information:
Agenda   |   Fact Sheet    |   Invitation

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This week's theme:
Jewish Communities
in Central and Eastern Europe
A U S T R I A:
Is There Life after Haider?
Magali Perrault
From 1945 until the mid-1980s, the traditional anti-Semitism of the Austrians seemed to have disappeared, but the rise of Jörg Haider and his recent electoral success have reawakened the fears of the Jewish community and forced it to ponder its future.
P O L A N D:
A Complicated Coexistence
Joanna Rohozinska
Nowhere is the history of Jews in Central Europe more hotly debated than in Poland, and although scholarly discussions have largely moved on from negative stereotypes and misconceptions, public perceptions in Poland have not.
M A C E D O N I A:
Heritage under Threat
Zhidas Daskalovski
Macedonia has had a Jewish community for ages, but few remained after the Bulgarian expulsions during World War II. Today, their heritage and continued presence in the Balkans is still threatened.
H U N G A R Y:
Remembering Not to Forget
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
The Nazis sent most of Budapest's Jews to their deaths just days before the arrival of the Red Army. On Thursday 27 January 1999, Hungary presented her plans for the remembrance of those events.
From the CER Archives:
Bringing up Jews in Bohemia
Matthew Roth
A new generation of Czechs is turning to Orthodox Judaism.
Confronting Jewishness
Peter Krasztev
Young Jews from the post-Holocaust "third generation."
See also parts 2 and 3.

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Zoltan Huszárik's Szindbád (Sindbad, 1971), with cinematography by Sándor SáraKinoeye:
Sándor Sára is not a name which is well-known to UK cinephiles. However, a recent retrospective in London should do much to bolster the reputation of this multitalented Hungarian who has had resounding successes as a cinematographer and director of fiction and documentaries. To cap it all, for the last seven years he has been president of Duna TV, the Hungarian satellite channel which won a UNESCO award for its cultural output.
The Poetics of Nature,
the Politics of Change

Andrew J Horton
Sára has been a harsh critical observer of life under the Communist regime . Surprisingly, this approach has been combined with a lyrical eye for landscape and beauty.
The Eye Speaks
Andrew J Horton
In an exclusive interview, Sára talks to CER about his work both behind and away from the camera.

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CER's Regular Columnists:
The Author of this Article is a Racist
Sam Vaknin
Or so say many of the readers who react vehemently - not to say minaciously - to my articles.
Czech TV's New Director
Jan Čulík
Dušan Chmelíček has been appointed Director of Czech Television. Is he the right man to modernise its fossilised power structures and introduce essential reforms?
Dissing His Own Product
Mel Huang
Though many political watchers in Estonia expect Tallinn Mayor Jüri Mõ is to make strange and provocative remarks, his recent statements have astonished both his grudging supporters and vehement critics.

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Books and Literature

B O O K   R E V I E W:
Wilhelm Dichter, School of the Godless
Justyna Sobolewska
Wilhelm Dichter’s God’s Horse was one of the major literary events of 1996. The sequel, School of the Godless, set in Warsaw in the late 1940s and early 1950s, is even more interesting.

B O O K   R E V I E W:
Benjamin Kuras, Nebýt Golema, Rabbi Löw, židovství a češství
Robert Řehák
This book is not about the Golem, as one might assume, but about Rabbi Löw, about Czech identity, as the subtitle suggests, and most of all, the book is about the author’s reflections on the Judaism as such. The portrait of Löw, however, is marred by the author's manner of presentation and by the absence of any serious research into primary sources.

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O n   D i s p l a y

Coming up in the UK
Andrew J Horton
Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.
Coming up in the USA
Karen M Laun
Central and East European events in the United States in the coming weeks.
Poland Cultural Review
Wojtek Kosc
A look at the latest cultural events and culture news in Poland.

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Mel Huang

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Vana Suša

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