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Violence Against Serbs

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Bill Moody
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Catherine Lovatt:
Romanians and
EU Visas

Mel Huang:
Latvia's Image-maker

Jan Čulík:
Are Czechs Racists?

Sam Vaknin:
The Friendly Club

Gusztáv Kostolányi:
Remembering Not to Forget

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Book Review:
Capitalism with a Comrade's Face




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The 7th Central and Eastern
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(CEEPIF 2000)
28-30 March 2000 Marriott Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

World Bank Conference
World Bank: Global Program on Capital Markets Development at the Subnational Level

Fact Sheet

Columbia University, US
13-15 April 2000:

Association for the Study of Nationalities Annual World Convention

CEU, Budapest
25-26 February 2000

Direct Democracy: The Eastern and Central European Experience

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Vol 2, No 5, 7 February 2000

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"I think Europe can very well do without Austria. We don't need it."
Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel

Jörg Haider E U   C R I S I S:
Magali Perrault
The emergence of Austria's new government has provoked international condemnation. But Jörg Haider is a man with a clear ambition, and despite threats of sanctions and ostracism, it's hard to imagine who could prevent "the blue prince" from being crowned in Vienna.

Serbian PolicemanK O S O V O:
The Lesson of Orahovac
Nataša Kandić
The Serbs who are struggling to survive in Orahovac make no secret of the fact that Serb forces committed crimes against Orahovac Albanians. Now, however, they live in fear for their own lives.

Bust of Prešeren S L O V E N I A:
Ljubljana's Mr Boisterous
Samuel Willcocks
On 8 February, Slovenes honour the memory of Francè Prešeren, the outstanding Slovene literary figure of the 19th century.

Global Street Party, Prague, May 1998 I N T E R V I E W:
Triumphs and Trade-offs
Andreas Beckmann & Miroslav Kundrata
CER talks to Bill Moody, program officer for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a US-based foundation that continues to be one of the most significant sources of funding for development of civil society in Central Europe.

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C o n f e r e n c e    T a l k

World Bank Conference

World Bank: Global Conference on Capital Markets Development at the Subnational Level
New York, New York: 15-18 February 2000
Further information:
Agenda   |   Fact Sheet    |   Invitation

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The DodoThis week's theme:
in Central and Eastern Europe
Five Flavours of Brain
Židas Daskalovski
Some Balkan intellectuals now work exclusively for profit whilst others seek to attain a more elusive reward: political power. Intellectuals in the Balkans have had their difficulties coping with the democratisation process.
From the CER Archives:
Book Review  -  13 December 1999   Seán Hanley
Intellectuals and Politics in Central Europe.
More Than Just Theory?  -  15 November 1999   Sam Vaknin
Can socialist professors of economics teach capitalism?
Intellectual Courtesans  -  15 November 1999   Saša Cvijetić
The unbearable lightness of being an intellectual.
Lucien Blaga  -  25 October 1999   Catherine Lovatt
The philosopher's attempts to define notions of "Romanianness."
The Victors' Feast  -  18 October 1999   Jan Čulík
Historians celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.
Czechs Avoid Reality  -  27 September 1999   Andrew Stroehlein
Czech intellectuals fail to grasp post-Communism.
Spa Snooze-fest  -  15 February 1999   Kazi Stastna
Elitism and stagnation.

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Hoří, má panenkoKinoeye:

A Nation of Thieves
Andrew J Horton
Miloš Forman's New Wave classic Hoří, má panenko (The Firemen's Ball, 1967) is often interpreted as being a satire on the Communist system. In fact, the film is an even more incisive portrait of Czech attitudes in the post-Communist era.

Resources on Central and East European cinema.

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CER's Regular Columnists:
Romania's EU Leap
Catherine Lovatt
Despite civil uneasiness and economic frailty, Romania has made a leap forward in her EU accession prospects with the European Union proposal to remove Romania from the "visa list."
"We are not racists, but we don't like Gypsies"
Jan Čulík
In response to last week's review of British television's Channel 4 documentary on the plight of the Roma, letters have poured in offering the other side of the story.
The Friendly Club
Sam Vaknin
The West promised Macedonia almost endless aid to win support during the Kosovo conflict. Now Macedonia has been given the cold shoulder in the latest wave of applications for EU entry, despite it being more suitable for entry than countries such as Cyprus and Romania.
Latvia's Image-maker
Mel Huang
Internationally, there is still a tendency to identify Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as "Baltic states"; this is a positive perception, and we should not squander it, says the new director of the Latvian Institute and former Ambassador to the US Ojārs Kalniņš.
Remembering Not to Forget: Jews in Hungary
Part Two
Gusztáv Kostolányi
In contemporary Hungarian society accusations of anti-Semitism stretch all the way to the government itself and debate on the Holocaust remains emotionally and politically highly charged.

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Books and Literature

CoverB O O K   R E V I E W:
Capitalism with a Comrade's Face
Michael Kopanic Jr
The general message of this book is quite clear: the post-Communist transition has led to corruption and inefficiencies primarily because of hold-overs from the past. This marvellous book explains why the post-Communist transition has been such a bumpy ride.

S U P P L E M E N T:
The CER Book Shop:
Books about Central and Eastern Europe

Have a look at CER's list of books on the region - all available from Amazon.com. The updated list is spread across several pages and contains many new offerings.

Book Reviews published in Central Europe Review

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O n   D i s p l a y

Coming up in the UK
Andrew J Horton
Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.
Coming up in the USA
Karen M Laun
Central and East European events in the United States in the coming weeks.
Poland Cultural Review
Wojtek Kosc
A look at the latest cultural events and culture news in Poland.

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Last Week's News in Central Europe:

Magali Perrault

Saša Cvijetić

Mel Huang

RP Online

Paul Nemes

Mel Huang

Mel Huang

Joanna Rohozinska and Donosy

and David Lovatt

Vana Suša

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