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Latvian Paedophilia

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Media Whores

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Czech Roma


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A River Dies

Romanian Cyanide

Aquatic Chernobyl

Nazi Slave-labor

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The 7th Central and Eastern
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28-30 March 2000 Marriott Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

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CEU, Budapest
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Dr Kieran Williams Reform and Democratic Control of Security Services

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Vol 2, No 7, 21 February 2000

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A River Dies
The Tisza River Aquatic Chernobyl
Gusztáv Kostolányi
The devastation of the Tisza River has had appalling consequences for the wildlife and ecosystems that reply upon it. But, the Tisza is much more than just a river to most Hungarians, it is a unifying thread that runs through Magyar history, literature and culture.
Dead FishThe Blond is Dead
Ida Miro Kiss
The release of toxic chemicals into the Tisza River has left an appalling wake of destruction behind it which has affected many countries in the region. As the costs of the spill are calculated, and blame assigned, riparian communities mourn their losses.
Gold and Cyanide
Catherine Lovatt
The cyanide spill into the Tisza river has had immediate and obvious environmental consequences. Romania's bid to enter the EU may also have been affected.

Austrian Parliament A U S T R I A:
The Haider Phenomenon
Lonnie Johnson
Politically or rhetorically downgrading Austria to the status of a semi-democratic state with a neo-fascist government is unfair and for most Austrians an insult. Neither dictatorship nor civil war are on the horizon.

Arbeit macht frei C O M P E N S A T I O N:
Nazi Slave-labor Talks Stall
Karen M Laun
Negotiations in Berlin have failed to resolve the stalemate over the payment of compensation to Nazi slave-laborers. Despite the USD 5 billion in the offing, there are concerns that some survivors will be excluded from compensation or paid only negligable amounts.

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Essay  of  the  Month:

Hungarian Identity,
Globalisation and EU Accession

Gusztáv Kosztolányi
CER begins a new series of regular essays with this in-depth look at how Hungarians view themselves, how they view the world and how these views are changing as EU entry approaches.

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Vitali Kanevskii's Zamri, umri, voskresni (Freeze, Die, Come to Life!, 1989)Kinoeye:
F O R G O T T E N   C L A S S I C S:
Un mensonge que dit la verité...: The cinema of Vitaly Kanevsky
Niobe Thompson
Kanevsky was one of the most extraordinary figures in Russian cinema to emerge from the glasnost period, making two films with a highly personal cinematic language and complex use of setting to evoke a not-so-innocent childhood in Stalinist times.

Resources on Central and East European cinema.
Newly Revised and Updated!

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CER's Regular Columnists:
Politicking over Paedophilia
Mel Huang
Political bickering in Latvia hit a new low over the past week when several high-ranking government officials were linked to a paedophilia scandal.
Books of the Damned
Sam Vaknin
As the hope of a fully functioning independent media recedes in Central and Eastern Europe, where can the people of the region look to for objective information?
Roma: The Debate Continues
Jan Čulík
The discussion of Roma in the Internet daily Britské listy has now attracted the attention of Czech police. There is also an alternative view of events from journalist František Roček.

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Karel Teige
Karel Teige (1900-51) was one of the most significant cultural figures of his day. His theoretical writings on avant-garde art influenced a whole generation of Czech poets and artists, but he was also an accomplished artist and typograper in his own right, and a major theoretician of modern architecture.
E X H I B I T I O N:
Avant-Garde Typography and Surrealist Collage
Sue Bagust
Teige published his ideas prolifically, but few of his surrealist collages appeared in print before his death, and they remain both intensely private works of his inner erotic feelings and reflections on bleak political realities. CER visits the London Czech Centre's exhibition of these personal works.
A R C H I T E C T U R E:
An Independent Modernist
Juan Gomez-Guterriez
Despite being a committed modernist and a socialist, Teige foresaw the social and political problems in Stalin's urban planning, rejected Le Corbusier's then fashionable ideas and struck his own independent path in architecture with his Minimal Dwelling.
C O L L A G E:
Photomontaged Dreams
Mark Hearld
Teige's collages have an authority as a medium which he could not have acheived in painting. Using notions of the female landscape, Teige created a powerful inner world. Nevertheless, the female nude for him was just as much an expressive means as an end.

From the book coverB O O K   R E V I E W:
Karel Teige/ 1900-1951
Sue Bagust
This sumptuous tome presents Teige's own writings alongside scholarly essays on his work. But this thorough approach does not intimidate the general reader, particularly as the layout fulfils Teige's aesthetic of a book as a source of visual pleasure.

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After the·Rain: How the West Lost the East
By Sam Vaknin

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Coming up in the UK
Andrew J Horton
Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.
Coming up in the USA
Karen M Laun
Central and East European events in the United States in the coming weeks.
Poland Cultural Review
Wojtek Kość
A look at the latest cultural events and culture news in Poland.

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Mel Huang

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