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Central Europe Review: politics, society and culture in Central and Eastern Europe Links:
News and Information


Central Europe Review's extensive list of news sources for Central and Eastern Europe:


  • Business Central Europe - presented by The Economist folks
  • Central Europe Online - daily news on the region as a whole
  • Emerging Europe Research Group - economics, current affairs and politics
  • Emerging Markets Directory - links page for emerging markets around the world, including Eastern Europe
  • GeoInvestor.com - contains excellent databases for all major CEE countries with links to the latest financial, economic, monetary and fiscal but also political news and data.
  • Inside World - online and e-mail news about countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Contributors include Central Europe Review, Radio Free Europe and many more.
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting - an excellent source covering the region's "problem" areas, IWPR is well written and current
  • Newsline - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's daily news from Central and Eastern Europe
  • Patrin Web - news and articles on minorities in the region, with excellent links on Romani history, culture and current events
  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - covers the entire region. Specific regional weekly e-mail lists are available.
  • Transitions Online - monthly online magazine covering all of East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
  • Sam Vaknin's List - an announcement list through which subscribers receive daily articles and essays on Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe from hundreds of carefully selected sources. A companion to Sam Vaknin's new book After the Rain - How the West Lost the East.


  • Baltic News Service - contains contact information, archives of BNS daily reports in Estonian, and archives of other BNS Estonian-language reports, including its daily financial wire service. There are also parallel sites in Latvian and Lithuanian
  • The Baltic Times - the independent English-language weekly covering the whole region
  • Chas - Daily Latvian Newspaper - the site is updated daily with news in Russian about politics, economics, lifestyle, sports and business in Latvia and around the world. Available in Windows/1251 fonts.
  • CIESIN Baltics Regional Node - information about the Baltic countries and links to other sites
  • ELTA - Lithuanian News Agency that provides weekly news reports on events in Lithuania and the Baltics. Available in Lithuanian and English.
  • Inside Baltics - comprehensive site on Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
  • Mel Huang's Baltic Internet Review

Czech Republic:

Germany and Austria:



  • Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland's largest nation-wide daily. In Polish only.
  • Inside Poland - a list of news providers in Poland, in both in Polish and English
  • PAP - Polska Agencja Prasowa - the Polish news agency
  • Polish Information Agency - contact information in Polish, English, French, Italian, and Russian
  • Polish Market Review - financial news in Poland
  • Polish World - another list of news providers in Poland, in both in Polish and English
  • Polityka - Polish-language weekly. Formerly the governemt mouthpeice, the magazine has certainly polished its image and content. Along with Wprost, Poland's most influential news magazine.
  • Rzeczpospolita - Poland's other large nation-wide daily. In Polish, with headline stories in English.
  • Warsaw Business Journal - business news in Poland
  • The Warsaw Voice - English-language weekly
  • Wprost - excellent Polish-language weekly.


  • Mediafax - the leading Romanian press agency. The site is in Romanian and English.
  • Monitorul - national leader in local information. In Romanian and English.
  • Romania by Net - full-service website for Romania.
  • Romanian News Page - with an excellent list of links for news and information on Romania


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